Monday, November 10, 2008

My life thus far..

Hello there!! I'm Jennifer Carol Armstrong. I am a sixteen year old, liscenced driver of an '03 convertible mustang. I do not attend a regular school.. I am homeschooled. I'm am the daughter of an ex acholic and ex drug addict, they are now saved by the grace of God and my father is a pastor of a small church in Arkansas called Harvester's Fellowship. I have an older sister named Jessica who is married and expecting a baby boy, her husband Ross is also known as Tarzan, because he makes a funny monkey face, they are planning on naming their soon to be baby Joseph Blake. Jess is twenty-one. Have have an older brother, Gary, but we call him Bub. He is eighteen and a crazy country listening, guitar playing country bumpkin , who likes to hunt. Then as the children come to an end I am born on February 24, 1992 the day before my mothers, and one day after my fathers. My mother told me I was ready to see the world, cause her labor wasn't even an hour. Just think how awesome it would have been to tell everyone you were born in a car, but sadly that is not case I was born in St. Edwards, and my doctor was still in a t-shirt and jeans. They discovered I had asthma and an anbotitic resistent pnuemonia, but God must have a big plan for me, because when I had I huge attack to the point my lips were turning blue we were in church and the pastor prayed for me, I recieved healing, and now I hardly ever get sick. Through the years my life has been great, as a child I played basketball and loved it, I also discovered my love for singing at one of my old churches, I was about five, and I had a solo in one of the plays we did, we did two perfomances, and in the second performance I got the hiccups as I sang, everyone laughed, but thank God I was little, I continued to sing. At the age of seven I played bugs bunny in an easter play and Kara in a christmas play. Then we left E.T. I left behind a bunch of memories and great friends and a childhood crush named Josh. A few years later my father fell off a normal one level house, and crushed his heels. The doctors offered no hope of him walking. I remember that day when my brother and I got checked out of school, I was in the third grade and my brother was in the fourth, and from the fear stricken look on her face we knew something was wrong, "What happened to dad?" we asked, and thats the end of that memory. The doctors were wrong within one year, my father began to walk, and about three until he walked without pain. The three years between that and my fiftenth year were very uneventful. In the summer of '07 my big sister got married and in the wedding I was the maid of honor.. I had to wear a dress. Now my sixtenth year is half way through,
God Bless,

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